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Tune into you! ~David Goggings

I gravitate to the likes of a speaker like David Goggins. Even If I do not agree on a particular subject, I do not want to be around weak men. What is a weak man? In my opinion, someone who praises their penis. Or better yet, their penis is the only thing that gives them motivation. On one hand, I get it, men want to be able to provide for their family. On the other hand, it is celebrated on how many women you have concurred. The latter is in which I  disapprove. I am currently watching all these women's protest on television. Every time you see a bullhorn it is held by an emotional woman.  Furthermore, the men in the crowd are there supporting nonsense because it is easy to shoot fish in a barrel. The man that is going to tell you the truth is less dangerous than the man willing to lie to you. Comments are welcomed!

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