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Judge with Thug Life?!?!?!? Cussing from the bench!! Must See!!!

I have never seen "in real life" a judge that has a real response to nonsense. Most, placate to petulant adults and rake responsible adults of the coals. What do I mean? For example, judges and prosecutors are elected. Therefore, the behaviors and rhetoric reflects what is going to keep them in office. I  did not do a deep search on this particular judge but I am not upset it his speech. I like honest conversations. It saddens me because I wish I could watch one video with a person that disagrees with my stance and not utter the phrase "I feel". I do not agree with Ben Shapiro on everything but I do agree with F your feelings. Situations are about what IS rather than how IT should be. At the end of the day, YOU voted for this. You did not pay attention to the small print. I digress! Bring back masculinity! Hopefully I am not wrong about this judge.

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