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How to not go to jail!

Many people watch the media and think that people are brutalized by the police every day. Most of the police that I have interviewed do not want to fight or argue with anyone. Most police want to enforce the law, which is to inform the violator, and go about their way. The best way to go to jail is to run into a police officer that has a point to prove. The ultimate way for you to humiliate him or her is to go to court. At that time, they may be held accountable for contempt of cop. On the other hand, perhaps you may learn something about the law. Perhaps, you will learn that you actually voted for the very law that is being enforced against you.  It is not what it should be but what is actual. This man had a hearing impairment and a few drinks! Our conflict resolution skills have to improve. Shout out to this grown man!  Leave a comment!!!!!

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